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Bring Your Trading To The Next Level.

Boost profit potential with UPRIGHT’s algorithmic trading advantage. Our cutting-edge, machine-learned signals, refined with insights from top-tier day traders and scalping experts, help you make smarter, more profitable decisions by identifying overlooked micro-trends. Designed for any trading style, the UPRIGHT Suite delivers precise, timely signals across timeframes with adaptive calculations for cleaner entry and exits.

Candles Up Growth - Best Indicators for Day Trading - UPRIGHT - Next Level Trading Made Easy


Expand your knowledge, strategy, and wealth.

bulls bears direction for all styles -Best Indicators for Day Trading - UPRIGHT - Next Level Trading Made Easy

Direction For All Trading Styles

Keep your accounts moving UPRIGHT.

infinity sign satisfaction guaranteed Best Indicators for Day Trading - UPRIGHT - Next Level Trading Made Easy

Satisfaction Guaranteed

The best indicators for day trading now, and are constantly improving.

professional grade quality. Best Indicators for Day Trading - UPRIGHT - Next Level Trading Made Easy

Professional Grade Quality

Highest quality Professional-Grade trading tools.

The Best Indicators For Day Trading.


UPRIGHT Trading services result from tireless (thousands of) hours & over 10+ years; coding only the Best Indicators for trading. Using the best of our trading knowledge, strategies, and newest calculations into easy-to-understand Algorithms powering the engine of exceptional indicators. These are the best indicators for day trading. Most successful day traders would have loved to have these tools starting out. Although nothing guarantees success; these indicators give an enormous advantage to both new and experienced traders.*


UPRIGHT arms traders with the sharpest professional-grade tools on the market. Rigorously tested and refined with machine learning, UPRIGHT’s indicators are designed to uncover hidden profit opportunities and maximize returns.

Our deep industry expertise has shaped these tools into the best indicators for day trading used by top performing traders to help you navigate the markets with clarity and precision, guiding you towards your financial goals. Start your free trial now.


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  • Everything included in Platinum.
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  • 10+ Algo-Driven Premium Indicators (including Unreal Algo & VTF Algo).
  • Not one, but 2 full Algorithms.
  • Supports Improvement of Current and Future Content!
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  • Supports Improvement of Current and Future Content.

Creator of the Academy of Forex Scalp Strategy Indicator.

*Simulated profit or previous success does not guarantee future success.

Academy of Forex -
Scalp Strategy



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What is TradingView and is it free?

UPRIGHT Suite runs on TradingView. 

TradingView (TV) is a free charting and social platform. Currently, the most popular charting platform in the world, with over 30 million users. TV’s simple UI and vast toolset create a perfect environment for traders to use the UPRIGHT Suite and thrive in all markets. Basically, TV allows traders to analyze charts with built-in technical analysis tools (i.e. moving averages – such as exponential moving average (EMA), stochastic oscillator or Relative Strength Index (RSI) oscillator for overbought and oversold levels, moving average convergence divergence (MACD), identifying support and resistance levels, Bollinger Bands (BB), Supertrend, standard deviation, price action analysis, technical and financial analysis, indicators that generate buy and sell signals, etc.) The customization within allows us to create a winning trading strategy on its platform. 

How Do I Start?

After free trial sign up, the Indicators will add to the “invite only” in TradingView indicators in as little as 1 minute (up to a few hours depending on the timezone).
Our process is simple:
1) Get a free account, if you don't have one.
2) Add Subscription to Cart.
3) Spell your TradingView username exactly as it is, into the checkout form.
4) Start your free trial.
5) Check out my tutorial at the top (dropdown in header of website) for help or ask questions... Profit!

How Will UPRIGHT Suite Help?

We meticulously designed our professional tools to work for every type of trader. The next-gen algorithm’s underneath each indicator crunch hundreds of calculations and present that data to you in real-time.

Best Indicators for Day Trading.

We work tirelessly to deliver the most powerful algorithms and indicators, designed to rival or surpass professional trading tools. We understand that the best day traders often favor simplicity, which is why our algos are accurate and easy to use. Whether you want to optimize your existing strategies or explore advanced forecasted data, UPRIGHT Suite offers intuitive tools to support your success. We're committed to continuous improvement, refining both the user interface and predictive accuracy through cutting-edge machine learning techniques.

Trade Smarter.

UPRIGHT SUITE processes hundreds of calculations in real-time so you can make better trades. 

Speed up your learning curve & Get the sharpest trading edge now.