Bulls V. Bears [tug-of-war] (Free)

Visually represents the Bulls and Bears fight for control of Price.

Bulls V. Bears [tug-of-war] (Free)

This indicator is not a typical one.
1) It shows visually when Bull volume or Bear volume is ‘pulling the rope to their side’.
2) It uses several different formulas to get an accurate read on the level of volume , but still keeps peaks and troughs within 100 for easy reading.
3) Update: It was originally meant to be used strictly with other indicators, but it can now be used as a standalone indicator.

1) The top line signals give the major signals –
a. Red cross = Bearish volume strength and continuation.
b. Green cross = Bullish volume strength and continuation.
i. + Green Dot inside enhances signal.
ii. + Red Dot inside weakens signal.
c. Blue circle = Can indicate the beginning of a reversal to the upside or downside.
d. Pink circle = Can indicate the beginning of a reversal to the downside.

2) The Bottom signals are triggered when one circle-rope crosses over the other, these signals give confirmation to the top line signals – Red bearish / Green bullish .
3) As shown on the chart, the Reversal setup usually consists of a blue circle, followed by a red or green cross, then confirmation from the bottom signal.
4) Without the signals: green obviously is Bullish especially above the threshold set –Red bearish . The regular rope gives trend indication.

I’ve added tooltips to make it easy to understand, feel free to leave a comment if you still have a question!

-Tooltips (hover over – Info) for understanding.
-Works well on all timeframes; even 5min, I made a tooltip for recommended lengths.
-Customizable Signals; with the ability to turn on and off.
-Reversal signals: Pink and Blue circles can indicate reversals coming.
-Works well as a leading standalone indicator.
-Adjustable top signal row.
-Highlight background.
-Rules added (hover over).

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