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  • Full access to all UPRIGHT Suite indicators + Algos.
  • Includes updates + new scripts.
  • Locks in great price.
  • Supports improvement of existing and future content!
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  • 2 Algorithms (both Unreal Algo & VTF Algo)
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  • Full access to all UPRIGHT Suite indicators + Algos.
  • Includes updates + new scripts added to the Suite.
  • Locks in great low price.
  • Supports improvement of existing and future content!
  • 2 Algorithms (both Unreal Algo & VTF Algo)!

Auto-Trendlines SR

Automatically create trendlines easily.

This makes it easier for beginners and professionals
alike to analyze a charts trending support and resistance.

What are Trendlines and why do we use them?

In short, a trendline is a diagonal line that connects to
two or more price points on a chart to show the current direction of price.
These are used to identify and confirm trend direction in technical analysis
and show support and resistance points.

Utilizing pivot points and different calculations for
sources we’re able to create the trendlines; with adjustable slopes (or just
use of proprietary calculations) we are able to make these lines to line up
with the current trend.

How it’s different:

Accurate auto-drawn calculated trendlines.

Fully customizable – the ability to adjust the trendlines
easily to exact specifications with every type of trader in mind.

Can be used to spot long trend as well as short, by
adjusting length or using extend both to see previous pivots it’s touched.

Auto-labels Higher-Highs, Higher-Lows, Lower-Highs,
Lower-Lows at pivots.

With latest features added:

Works on low timeframes.


•    Instant Trendline Support Resistance.

•    Rapid Trendlines – Helps identify current trends quickly and it tells you how many
bars are in this current trend. They are highly adaptable and offer several

•    Session Anchored VWAP with adjustable session.

•    Rapid Levels – Instantly show the support and resistance levels.

•    Accurate HL Swing Pivot Signals – with the option to turn on faster ones “scalp mode” at
a loss of some accuracy.

•    Easy UI and Customization options and Alerts all included.

Awesome Delta DMI+

A full featured DMI that uses Delta technology + DI
Ribbons for clearer direction changes, that embrace the trend movement for

DMI is a combination of 3 different indicators developed
by the famous J. Welles Wilder. DMI has 3 different plots: the ADX, +DI, and -DI. The first is the ADX (Average Directional Index), which Wilder created in 1978 to show the strength of a trend by comparing the current price with the
previous price range. The other two are the +DI (positive directional indicator) and the -DI show up as two separate lines, +DI is the difference between the highest price of the current day and the highest price of the day
before, and -DI does the same calculation with the current and previous day’s lows.

How does it work?

When the ADX line is above 25 (as a general rule, some
traders use a different threshold, +/- 5), the trend is strong. When the +DI line is above the -DI line, the asset (stock) is moving in an uptrend, and the opposite means the asset is in a downtrend.

How is this different?

•      Uses multiple calculations to produce signals for an indicator than normally doesn’t
have any.

•      Multiple ADX’s, +DI’s, and -DI’s for better accuracy and clearer direction changes.

•      Ability to use 2 different background highlight signals and several buy/sell signals
(Buy/Sell signals aren’t recommended or shown by default).

•      Fully customizable (as always), ability to turn on or off any signals, change any of
the colors to suit your needs.

•      The Ribbon created by the fill make it easier to see the change in direction of
each plot. (Use: When it is Yellow DI+ is more important. When

Fuchsia DI- is more important. This can mean an Uptrend starting if Yellow is
above 25 or Downtrend with Fuchsia below 25.)

•      *New: Delta Technology (makes it clearer to see the trend changes).

•      *New: More Accurate Signal Algo.

•      *New: Stochastic shows mini trends.

•      *New: Divergences.

•      Easy UI and Customization options and Alerts all included.

•      Unique layout and look.

Awesome MACD+

The most accurate and unique MACD Algorithm you’ll ever

I’d like to introduce you all to the Awesome MACD+

As most of you know, the Moving Average Convergence
Divergence, MACD, indicator is a one of the most popular indicators among traders. The MACD is a trend-momentum indicator that measures the relationship between moving averages and uses a signal line to show crossovers between the MACD line. The signal line is often used as the trigger for buy/sell signals with a cross of the MACD line or confirmation when used with other strategies.

More advanced traders will look for divergences; divergences can, for example, show a weakness in the trend.

How the Awesome MACD+ is different:

• This MACD uses several complex equations and filters to
improve accuracy.

• Multiple extremely accurate Buy/Sell signals not found
on a traditional MACD indicator.

• Ability to use 2 different background highlight signals
and several buy/sell signals.

• Fully customizable (as always), ability to turn on or
off any signals, change any of the colors to suit your needs.

• Advanced Algo trend filtering.

• Easy to read signals for every level of trader.
Whatever your style or skill level, the Awesome MACD+ is easily customizable to
fit your needs.

Awesome RSI+

The cleanest, most accurate, easy-to-use RSI Algorithm
out there.

This indicator is an extremely accurate take on the RSI.
I will continue to refine the indicator and add more features, but as it is,
this is still one you can make a lot of money with.

Most of you are familiar with and use an RSI indicator so
I will keep this description as brief as possible: The Relative Strength Index
(RSI), developed by the legendary J. Welles Wilder, is a momentum oscillator
that measures the speed and change of price movements; it oscillates between 0
– 100, with levels set as Overbought and Oversold. These levels are where a
trader make look for a reversal; however, they must keep in mind in an uptrend
or bull market, the RSI values tend to remain in the 40 – 90 range; 40 – 50
zone often will act as support. More advanced traders will also look for
divergences between the price and the oscillator (i.e. price trending upward
while oscillator trending downward). As far as oscillators go, the RSI is one
of the most frequently used, by both advanced and beginner traders alike.

How the Awesome RSI+ is different:

• This indicator will act similarly to a regular RSI
(Relative Strength Indicator) in that there are both Oversold and Overbought
levels, but also volatility bands around it to allow for more accurate signals
whilst moving the Oversold (OS) and Overbought (OB) levels further apart (less
false OB/OS signals); it’s able to detect some pretty big moves with both speed
and accuracy.

• Works great on multiple timeframes. It may not catch
every rally, but it will catch most –even on smaller timeframes (i.e. 1, 3, 5
minutes, etc).

• As with all of my scripts, fully customizable:

You can change the up and down colors on the RSI ribbons
and the color and style (i.e. dotted shown) of Overbought / Oversold lines.

• The alerts include both the super accurate Bullish and
Bearish signals shown with the background highlights. They are pre-filled, so
it will automatically display the price and time that the alert went off for

Now it’s much easier to see the RSI Ribbon and its color
change – trend. 


•     Clear No-Repaint Signals with Trend Ribbon.

•     Stochastic RSI provides additional dimension.

•     Exceptional Divergence Signals.

•     Accurate background highlights

•     RSI Ribbon provides both OB/OS detection and trend guidance.

•     UPRIGHT’s Ultra Smooth RSI for Ultra-Fast confirmation (off by default).

Awesome STC+

The best version of ‘The Better MACD’.

One of my favorites: the Schaff Trend Cycle ( STC ). In
2008, Doug Schaff publicly released the STC as an improvement on cycle
oscillators and the MACD, hence its common nickname, “The better MACD

This oscillator is essentially a fusion of the benefits
of trend and cycle indicators; the idea is to minimize their drawbacks, such as
lags or false signals. The STC is mainly used to determine or confirm price
direction and market reversals.

We calculate the STC as a double smoothed stochastic of
the MACD , which outputs an oscillator that moves between 0 and 100.

How is it typically used?

In trending markets, we can expect the oscillator to move
up if the market is in the accelerating uptrend and an accelerating downtrend
are to push the oscillator down.

In sideways markets, the STC shows oversold when it
reverses after falling below 25; overbought when the STC turns down from above


-This STC uses several complex equations and filters to
improve accuracy and reduce lag.

-My original STC wave.

-Multiple extremely accurate Buy/Sell signals not found
on a traditional STC indicator.

-Ability to use 4 different background highlights and
several buy/sell and confirmation signals.

-Fully customizable (as always), ability to turn on or
off any signals, change any of the colors to suit your needs.

-Pre-filled Alerts.

Awesome Volume+

Relative Volume and Price Volume Trend indicator that
will help traders assess current price action based on its volume and trend.

This is a Relative Volume and Price Volume Trend
indicator that will help traders assess current price action based on its volume and trend.

Volume is one of the most important aspects of trading
that is often overlooked by new traders. When the volume of an asset (stock) is higher than normal, it’s a sign, something is happening with said asset; whether it’s selling or buying volume, it’s relevant and begs a further look.

Basic supply and demand psychology tells us, the higher
the volume, the higher the interest of traders in the equity; thus, a sudden increase in volume relative to its average volume (Relative Volume) can cause an increased probability that the price will move.

Relative volume is very self-explanatory, it’s the volume
relative to its average. In this indicator, I use several different average calculations to give the trader a clear picture of where the volume stands and added a few different trends using these averages. One is a modified Price Volume Trend .

PVT or Price Volume Trend is a momentum-based indicator
that measures money flow in relation to volume. It is usually used to confirm trends, but can be used as a trading signal; as I’ve created some in here. I didn’t add divergences, but using divergences in PVT is another powerful way to
use it. PVT mirrors the market price movements; hence, confirm trends.

You will find this indicator to be jam-packed full of

-Fully customizable: colors, shapes, lines, on/off
toggles for everything.


—Relative Volume Trend on the bars

—Vibrant Relative Price Spike is in the forefront.

—Additional Volume Trend on bottom of volume bars

—Stat box: showing the Current, Average, and Relative
volume on the current user selected timeframe.


—Alerts: pre-filled.

—Added ability to add to main chart with instructions.

—PVT Regular and Hidden Divergences.

Bulls V. Bears Premium

Visual representation of Bull and Bear Volume with a
momentum rope and reversal circle.

……”The game is Tug of War, the side that pulls the
rope from the middle to their side wins. Let the game begin.”……

How it works:

This indicator is not a typical one.

1) It shows visually when Bull volume or Bear volume is
‘pulling the rope to their side’.

2) It uses several different formulas to get an accurate
read on the level of volume, but still keeps peaks and troughs within 100 for easy reading.

3) Update: It was originally meant to be used strictly
with other indicators, but it can now be used as a standalone indicator.



-Tooltips (hover over – Info) for understanding.

-Works well on all timeframes; even 5min, I made a
tooltip for recommended lengths.

-Customizable Signals; with the ability to turn on and

-Reversal signals: Pink and Blue circles can indicate
reversals coming.

-Works well as a leading standalone indicator.

-Adjustable top signal row.

-Background Highlights.


-Rules added (hover over).



-Much Better signal algo.

-Reversal Signal added (Large Circle).

-Improved Scaling and Organization – Now easier to see
large moves/signals on Multiple timeframes.

-Better Alerts.

-Improved Logic.

MoneyFlowTrend Oscillator Premium

This groundbreaking supply & demand momentum
indicator will accurately show when banks/institutions are buying/selling and give clear machine learned buy/sell signals for exceptional entries/exits.

Built on the idea of Supply & Demand Zones, this
utilizes money flow and numerous calculations to create a picture of what is happening underneath the surface of the price action.

Richard Wykoff was one of the first market analysts to
explain how the economic cycle can explain market price action; thus, technical analysis. He described two zones among the total of 4 phases; the two zones are
Distribution and Accumulation zones, also known as Supply & Demand zones.


Since most of you already know the economic cycle, I will
try to be concise.

The basic ideas:

When supply > demand, the price goes up down.

When demand > supply, price goes up.

When demand = supply, the price stays about the same
(going sideways).

Price action has –Uptrends, downtrends, and price ranges

Wykoff’s 4 phases to explain this price action :

1) Accumulation ( Demand zone )

2) Markup (Uptrend)

3) Distribution ( Supply zone )

4) Markdown (Downtrend)


With all that said, usually you will either see a sharp
jump from a supply or demand zone or it will consolidate within it. Until a new one is formed on the chart.

This indicator attempts to put all of that into a lower
indicator. I tried to separate the retailers and the banks and then put them back together to get a full picture.

So Many Premium Features:

-Repaint Off.

-Even MORE (quality & quantity) Accurate signals.

-Better calculations and less noise.

-Lighter, cleaner, and easier to use.

-Easily see when Banks/Whales are loading up.

-2 Sets of Buy/Sell Signals both clean and accurate.

-Machine Learned Signals and improvements.

-Reversal Signal (Circle- shown on chart).

-Label that flips between Rapid DMI & MFT
Bullish/Bearish Stats (Fast Data).

-Accurate Divergence signals.

-Trend Directionals – Arrows point in direction of the

-Scalp Signals (beta).

-Makes a Perfect Confirmation Indicator/Algorithm for
Unreal Algo or VTF Algo.

OrderZones – Supply & Demand (Predictive)

Finds the areas with the strongest buying or selling

Let’s talk about what Supply & Demand Zones are. They
are a pattern and technical analysis technique used in day and swing trading.
Demand zone represents the area with strongest buying pressure and Supply zone represents selling pressure. Often these zones will show Institutional/Large buyers and sellers executing their orders causing price to move up or down very
quickly, creating a long wick on a small and sometimes momentum that feeds into the larger timeframes. Therefore, in the simplest terms, the Supply and Demand
Orderzones are the zones the price often gets rejected from or returned to; when Demand exceeds Supply, price jumps up and vice versa.

Unlike lines of support and resistance , these are zones
more closely than precise lines, but can help gauge Support and Resistance on the fly.

Richard Wykoff was one of the first market analysts to
explain the interaction of these phases, giving them four labels. It is in the understanding of Wyckoff’s explanation of market price action, that supply and demand zones are also known as Accumulation and Distribution zones
(Accumulation, Markup, Distribution, Markdown).

->Shows potential entries on break from zone. Pivots .
Large breakdowns or breakouts signaling possible trend change.

->Super Fast Real-time Orderzone creation. Resistance
line at Supply, shows multiple dimensions of each zone when large enough.


Multiple calculation modes with different lengths and

AutoBox (Predictive Orderzones).

Buy/Sell Highlights.

UPRIGHT – Ultimate Reversals ( Support/Resistance

Breakouts/Breakdowns + Signals.

Pivot Labels (HH, HL, etc).

Pivot Bar.

Pivot Buy /Sell Signals.

Fully Customizable—Change line types, transparency,
colors, etc).

I am still working on the calculations for one more
addition, but as it is, this should help anyone automate their S/D technical

Top And Bottom Finder Premium

Buy at the right time with the ability to Find trend Tops
and Bottoms and multiple detections of overbought/oversold with this indicator.

This is an updated version of my previous Top &
Bottom Finder (M.Right_Top & Bottom Finder 1.0).

The timing of this release couldn’t be more perfect with
everyone trying to ‘find the bottom’.

Essentially, this indicator uses volatility and standard
deviations, among other things, to assist you in finding the top or bottom of trends. You may also notice that it uses a lot of different strength indicators to provide an additional layer of complexity and confirmation.

Not just an RSI, but an RSI ema, smoothed OBV RSIs, and
other volume RSIs. This is a truly unique and powerful tool for any Trader – whether you’ve just started or you’ve been trading for 20 years, I’m confident you will find value in the UPRIGHT Trading Top & Bottom Finder.

How to use it:

When it detects the trend Bottoming or Topping the
histogram will change color.

Bottom – Green/blue, Top – Red, (different shades of
colors for different detection types).

I’ve spent several hours tweaking the calculations and
filters to enhance the accuracy, so this will be a noticeable upgrade from my original Top & Bottom Finder.

The length of the histogram bar can be a sign, especially
when it lines up close to one of the plotted lines and has noticeable direction
change following this.

As always, it’s fully customizable with alerts.

Ability to toggle anything on or off, and change the
colors to suit your style:

3 Unique RSI’s, different colors on the histogram will
show different levels of detection. Some are more accurate in some timeframes than others. Bright Green and Bright Red are the most different from the rest.
I’ve jam-packed this indicator with Buy/Sell and Confirmation Signals and even background highlights (with colors that can mesh together to show signal strength). Find what works best for you.

Unreal Algo ©

Next-gen trading Algorithm. Answering questions, you
didn’t have yet.

Unreal Algo is the answer to the question you didn’t know
you were asking.

It’s a robust Algorithm that has taken over 30,000 hours
to create and is for beginners and advanced traders alike. While its settings make it customizable it’s also easy to just jump right in and use.

How it works:

It uses tons of calculations, confirmations, and filters
to bring you the most accurate predictive algorithm possible. The algo will automatically adjust to different volatility in the market to still provide accurate signals and confirmation. It will automatically show support and resistance in real-time. A Moving Average cloud with speeds varying from extra
fast to slow; they help traders confirm whether they should stay in the trade. Several stoplosses and Take profit points, because the importance of risk management should always be emphasized even with strong accuracy.


•     —The Most Accurate (non-repaint) Signals.

•     —Buy/Sell signals with option to toggle additional signals and Red/Green confirmation

•     Keeps track of Market Structure, fib support and resistance, structural and MA
support and resistance, trend, momentum, relative volume, entries, stops, take-profit exits, filters chop before signaling, etc.

•     —MA cloud that acts as support and resistance with beautiful color blend that can
act as a confirmation of direction.

•     ——–Easy line transparency and toggle adjustments.

•     ——–Easy cloud transparency adjustments.

•     —Support and Resistance.

•     —Auto-Fibonacci Lines.

•     —MTF Chop Filter Timeframe.

•     —Pivot bar that changes colors based on pivot direction.

–Color intensity change with trend direction move.

•     —Resistance Breakout and Support Breakdown Signals.

•     —Relative volume & momentum bar coloring.

       3 Separate color scheme choices.

•     —Stopdots (circles) – can work as intrabar stoploss or profit-take when changing color.

•     —Take Profit/Exit reminders – 3 separate Exit – TP reminders.

•     —Adjustable Signal Filters.

•     —Automation able.

•     —No Repaint.

•     —Optimized using Machine Learning.

•     —As always… Fully customizable.

Auto-Fibonacci Lines and Levels.

Pivot Bar Coloring (helps with direction by detecting how
close price is to Pivoting the other direction)


Volatility Trend Filter (VTF) Algo ©

Next-gen trading Algorithm. Makes trading Volatility easy
and keeps traders from being chopped out better than anything out there.

As some of you know, I have had this in Beta for a long
while now and its finally time for a full release.

I originally designed this to be an Unreal Algo add-on to
track & stay in the trade a little better, but the VTF Algo has become a full Algorithm and can be used standalone with supreme accuracy.

It’s for beginners and advanced traders alike. I’ve made
the settings very customizable, but also easy to just jump right in.

How it works:

It uses volatility, deviations, and tons of statistical
calculations, confirmations, moving averages, and filters to bring you the most accurate Supply & Demand predictive algorithm possible. The VTF Algo will automatically normalize different volatility in any type of market to help
avoid getting Chopped up and give a forward-looking approach to accurate Price Action and confirmation. It will automatically show support and resistance in
real-time. The channel that The VTF Algo creates will help traders confirm whether they should stay in the trade or get out fast.
As the green top grows it naturally acts as Supply and as the red bottom grows it acts as Demand, when one of them far exceeds the other the direction price will proceed to is clear
to see.

The VTF Algo was made with all different types of traders
in mind.

Some like things Ultra Crispy Clean, so it’s often finding new ways to provide important data without clutter on the chart:

Others like things a little cleaner, but can move their
focus to where it’s needed:

Meshes perfectly as an Algo Add-on for Unreal Algo © (as
originally designed) to enhance “The Simple Strat” ©:

So Many Features:

•     -Easy-to-read
Price Action & Trend channel.

•     -Exceptional
Built-in Chop Filter (grayed center).

•     -Accurate
Buy/Sell and Topline Continuation Signals.

•     -No Repaint.

•     -Rejection Signals.

•     -Topline Signals for added confirmation and accuracy.

•     -(MTF) Multiple-Timeframe Customizable Trend Table.

•     -Bullish/ Bearish Growing/Exhaustion.

•     -Fully Customizable with Clean Mode removes the fills and some lines while retaining most of the data in the line color changes.

•     Pullback Pressure – glows green with bullish pressure/ red with bearish.

•     Clean UI.

•     Intelligent Algorithm – finds Supply and Demand in Realtime.

•     Buy/Sell Signal Optimizations.

5/5 (3 Reviews)